Visiting House & Home in Park City


Over 900 people visited House & Home at the Park City Museum last summer

What makes a house a home? Our exhibition House & Home sets out to explore the history of the American dwelling, a tour of homes both familiar and surprising. In June 2016, House & Home traveled to Park City, Utah, for a seven-week display. Over 900 people visited the large-scale interactive components, creative freestanding display units, video features, artifacts, and more. To learn more about the exhibition, visit its page.

The interactive pictured was particularly enjoyed, with many children in particular contributing their answers to “What makes a house a home?” on a community message board. Many thanks to Asia, who wrote “Family and love”!

Reports Courtney Titus, curator of collections and exhibits at Park City Museum, “This was a great fit for our museum due to the historical and architectural elements. We really enjoyed the variety of¬†content. The interactive component was great!”