Great review for Coney Island


Thanks for the Ypsilanti Public Library in Michigan for sending in its feedback for the exhibition Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland.

“This exhibit was a resounding success. Our attendance was high, and the visitor comments were so positive! … People not only came, but returned with friends to share the Coney Island experience. The senior visitors loved reminiscing about their time there, and the youngsters found it both “awesome and creepy.” The carousel horse was such a visual draw — its prominent placement drew people into the gallery who didn’t even know we had an exhibit. Staff loved the inspirational programming that we were able to do. Coney might be our most favorite exhibit ever! It was beautiful and inspiring to all. The timeline, its representation of America over time, the images, ephemera, music, AV … all of it was beautifully done.”

The exhibition Coney Island is traveling across the country now through 2022. It opens next in November at the Sioux City Public Museum in Iowa.