Going Places

Carriages—not cars—once ruled the road.

These forerunners of automobiles and trucks were absolutely essential to American life in the 1800s. Carriages came in an amazing assortment of sizes, shapes, and finishes, from the buckboard phaeton to the sidebar buggy to the booby hut.

Going Places explores the culture, evolution, and eventual demise of horse-drawn transportation from the early nineteenth century, through the industrial revolution, and into the 1900s and the dawn of the automobile age. Along the way, diverse artifacts—including a full-sized pony surrey, harness and tack, and assorted carriage accessories—speak volumes about our insatiable desire for travel, speed, and new technology.

Going Places also covers a broad range of questions: How were carriages sold and who could afford them? How did they function within America’s larger transportation network? What factors led to their eventual demise?

The answers are surprising, and frequent parallels to today’s car culture make Going Places a fascinating journey.

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Going Places toured September 2007 through March 2013.

This exhibition has completed its tour and is no longer in circulation. This page is for archival reference only.

  • September 1–October 20, 2007 Fort Morgan Museum
    Fort Morgan, CO
  • November 10, 2007–January 7, 2008 El Paso Museum of History
    El Paso, TX
  • January 28–March 16, 2008 John E. Conner Museum
    Kingsville, TX
  • April 6–May 25, 2008 Elmhurst History Museum
    Elmhurst, IL
  • June 16–August 11, 2008 Barrington Area Historical Museum
    Barrington, IL
  • September 1–October 20, 2008 Old Red Museum
    Dallas, TX
  • November 10, 2008–March 16, 2009 Petroleum Museum
    Midland, TX
  • April 6–October 20, 2009 Heritage Museum and Gardens
    Sandwich, MA
  • November 10, 2009–January 7, 2010 Museum of the Gulf Coast
    Port Arthur, TX
  • January 28–March 16, 2010 Refurbishment
    Kansas City, MO
  • June 16–August 11, 2010 State Historical Society of Iowa
    Des Moines, IA
  • September 1–October 20, 2010 XIT Museum
    Dalhart, TX
  • November 10, 2010–January 7, 2011 Frankenmuth Historical Association
    Frankenmuth, MI
  • January 28–March 16, 2011 Crosby County Pioneer Memorial Museum
    Crosbyton, TX
  • April 6–August 11, 2011 Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center
    Enid, OK
  • September 2–October 23, 2011 Dane G. Hansen Museum
    Logan, KS
  • November 10, 201–January 7, 2012 Brigham City Museum
    Brigham City, UT
  • January 28–March 16, 2012 Harbor History Museum
    Gig Harbor, WA
  • April 6–May 25, 2012 Park City Museum
    Park City, UT
  • June 16–August 11, 2012 Tunica Museum
    Tunica, MS
  • September 1–October 20, 2012 Main Street Beatrice
    Beatrice, NE

Exhibition Details & Specifications

  • Curated By

    William Ayres, Director of Collections and Interpretation, The Long Island Museum of American Art, History, and Carriages

  • Organized By

    The Long Island Museum of American Art, History, and Carriages, Stony Brook, NY
  • Content

    37 panels (including text and graphic content) with exhibition framework; 5 surrey mural graphic panels;
    43 small objects including horse tack, toys and models, firefighting artifacts, housewares, books, and livery goods;
    1 full-size child’s pony surrey; 5 theme-related flipbooks; other educational materials; 1 video monitor.

  • Duration

    7-week display

  • Rental Fee

  • Support

  • Shipping:

    The maximum out of pocket shipping expense is $1,000. Exhibitor will coordinate with the M-AAA registrar for all outgoing transportation arrangements.

  • Security


  • Square Feet


  • Number of Crates/Total Weight

    15/7,250 pounds

  • Insurance

    The exhibition is fully insured by M-AAA at no additional expense to you, both while installed and during transit.