About NEH on the Road

The stories of our lives link us together.


Sharing stories is one of the most important ways we can learn about who we are as Americans. NEH on the Road exhibitions get more stories to more people and open new worlds of learning for all who experience them. Designed for smaller venues, each NEH on the Road exhibition requires only 2,000 square feet of spaceā€”bringing the same high-quality information and objects that the National Endowment for the HumanitiesĀ supports in its large-scale exhibitions to every corner of the country.


Each exhibition includes a compelling mix of artifacts, text, graphics, photographs, interactives, educational, and other community programming information. In addition, you can find activity ideas and suggestions from past and current exhibitors right here on our website.


Small to mid-sized museums, libraries, schools, and universities anywhere in the United States may host an NEH on the Road exhibition.


Scheduled throughout the year, NEH on the Road exhibitions are hosted for seven weeks at a time. Find the exhibit you are interested in hosting under Exhibition Details and follow the links to view the corresponding schedule.


The first step to bringing an NEH on the Road exhibition to your community is to contact our Constituent Services staff at moreart@maaa.org. Once you express interest a free hold will be placed on your specified dates for up to 30 days while you complete a facility report and an NEH on the Road Hosting and Programming Application. After NEH approval, exhibition dates are confirmed with those states yet to be served (Rhode Island and Vermont), then confirmed with new venues, and then with previous exhibitors according to availability. Each exhibition is available for the low hosting fee of $1,000. NEH on the Road covers the remaining expenses, including the cost for one-way shipping.


Mid-America Arts Alliance developed NEH on the Road in 2003 in response to the demand by smaller museums and communities for high quality humanities programming that fit their spaces and budgets. Since its creation in 1965 through the National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities Act, the National Endowment for the Humanities has supported excellence in museum exhibitions and is the largest funder of humanities programs in the United States. In a cooperative agreement with the NEH, M-AAA manages all aspects of the exhibitions for touring, including design and rescripting of the exhibition, development of all educational programming materials, fabrication, booking, publicity, shipping, insurance, and objects maintenance.

Since 2005, NEH on the Road exhibits have traveled to venues across the United States.